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Global and System Option Configuration


Global Option Configuration
Configure all Planview Enterprise system options, including global options, rules, and restrictions.
Pages: 24
Global Option Configuration: For More Information
Supplemental information for: Global Option Configuration.
Pages: 1
Timesheet Configuration
Set Standard Activity and payroll-code restrictions, create reason codes, and set the time reporting units.
Pages: 14
Mobile Timesheet Configuration
Set up mobile timesheet functionality.
Pages: 3
Additional System Option Configuration
Administration of Gates, Global Links, New Work fields, Contract Rules, CRI escalation, screen filters, Quality Ranks, Units, etc.
Pages: 17
Status Rule Configuration
Define controls and tasks over changes in status.
Pages: 8
Expenditure and Currency Configuration
Set up expenditures so managers can associate payments with work entities.
Pages: 2
Notification Configuration
Configure the initial notification settings for users.
Pages: 3


This course covers the various options that may be set for Global and System functionality. System options set rules and defaults. Global settings are a subset of System options, relating to settings that cannot be modified by users through preference settings. Note that some global options settings are covered in the topics in Basic Administration.