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Business Capabilities


Business Capability Setup
Setting up the system for using business capabilities.
Pages: 3
  • Business Capabilities Configuration in Planview Enterprise
    This article explains what a business capability is and provides general information about configuring the system to support business capabilities.
  • Configure the System to Use Business Capabilities
    This article outlines setting up Planview Enterprise to make use of the Business Capabilities primary structure on the Work Portfolio View and configurable table tiles. Sign in to access this How-to topic.
  • Configuring the System for Business Capabilities
    This article describes configuring the system for business capabilities and thereby help portfolio managers better understand how investment decisions support what a business does at its core. By examining a portfolio through business capability data, users can track and manage how an organization spends human and financial resources on an organization's business capabilities.


Information on configuring Planview Enterprise for Business Capabilities. For administrators.