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Menu, Ribbon, and Tile Administration


Menu, Ribbon, and Action Customization
Configure user options for menus, tiles, ribbons, and more.
Pages: 11
Menu, Ribbon, and Action Customization: For More Information
Supplemental information for Menu, Ribbon, and Action Customization.
Pages: 7
Tile Customization
Configure settings for customized report tiles, table tiles, predefined chart or table tiles, or shared configurable chart and configurable table tiles.
Pages: 24
Tile Customization: For More Information
Supplementary information for Tile Customization.
Pages: 13


As an administrator, you can control the appearance and layout of the menu bar, enable or disable the options in action menus throughout the system, configure which tabs appear on various views, and which configured screens are available as a tab on each entity view. You can also configure which tiles are available on ribbons.