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Use the directory

About the Directory

In the Directory you find information about all workspaces in your Projectplace account, both ongoing and archived. In order for a workspace to be visible in the Directory, the workspace administrator must have chosen to publish information to the Directory. The account administrator can activate a settings to publish all new workspaces to the Directory automatically

If a workspace is published to the Directory, information about assignments in that workspace can turn up in team overviews where other team members, that are not a member of the workspace, can see the details for the cards. 

The Directory can be used to answer questions like:

  • Have we run a similar project before and what did we do then?
  • Is there any ongoing workspaces similar to the one I am responsible for?
  • Who was responsible for the “project X” workspace?
  • What workspaces did we run with “customer X” in 2015 and who were the members?
  • Are there any documented results in the “project X” workspace?
  • What milestones do we usually have in a specific type of workspace?

Use the Directory

To use the directory:

  1. Click on the tool selector Tool selector.png in the top navigation bar and select Directory.
  2. If needed, use the search bar at the top to filter the list of workspaces.
  3. Click on any heading (for example, Workspace) to sort the list of projects.
  4. Click on a workspace name to see more information about that workspace.

Use the filter to choose to see AllOngoing, or Archived workspaces, or only workspaces that match your Search result

Publish a Workspace to the Directory

Only workspace administrators can publish the workspace to the Directory. 

To publish workspace information to the Directory:

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of.
  2. In the workspace toolbar, click the Administration menu and select Publishing.
  3. In the Directory & My Team section, click the toggle to on position.

    toggle on directory.png

  4. Click Save.

The description mentioned in the settings dialog is edited on the workspace overview and visible in the Directory.

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