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Manage contacts

About contacts

Maintain a list of contacts such as external parties, suppliers, clients, and sub-contractors in Projectplace so that all workspace members can easily get the latest information, and also help out keeping the information updated.

You can also group your contacts in email distribution lists, which is very useful if you regularly distribute information to people that are not included as members in Projectplace.

If you already have you contacts for example in Lotus Notes or Outlook, you can import them to Projectplace.

Find your way around the Contacts tool

To open the contacts tool: 

  1. Go to Members tool in the workspace.
  2. Click the Contacts icon .

In the toolbar you find options to Add contactImport contacts, and Create new email distribution list (1). Click on a contact name to see or change all contact details (2). If you select one or several contacts, a number of options get activated in the toolbar (3), for example if you want to copy or delete contacts, contact the contacts in different ways, print a list of contacts, or export contacts information to Excel. Click on the arrow that appears when you hover over a contact to open up a menu (4) where you find the complete history for the contact, and can add comments – for example notes on telephone conversations, meetings etc that you have had with the contact. You can also search for contacts (5) or click on any column name to sort them (6),

Import contacts

You can import contacts from different sources such as Lotus Notes or Outlook, using a vCard file (.vcf) or a comma separated file (.csv).

To import contacts:

  1. Go to Members tool and click the Contacts icon .
  2. Click on the Import Contacts button in the toolbar.
  3. Choose the .vcf or the .csv file that you have prepared on your computer.
  4. Choose which file type you are using.
  5. Choose if you want duplicates to be created or not, in case a contact already exist in the list.
  6. Click on the Import button.


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