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Planview Customer Success Center

Projectplace Account Administrator Training


Course Description

With this training for Account Administrators, you will learn everything you need to know to efficiently administer your organization’s Projectplace account. 


Learning Objectives:

  • What Projectplace is
  • How to administer the account, including how to manage people and teams
  • How to manage Requests
  • How to create and work with Portfolios
  • How to work with the Workload tool
  • How to create and work with Templates


This class is ideal for the administrator(s) of the Projectplace account.


Program Level

Intermediate (Level 2)

Comprehensive class with a moderate amount of detailed information

1/2 day


  1. Introduction to Projectplace
  2. Account Administration in Projectplace
  3. Requests
  4. Portfolios
  5. Workload Tool
  6. Templates

Class Duration: 1 Day On-site, or 2 Half-day Segments Virtual



Private, on-site or virtual training is available. Please contact Planview Training Requests for a quote.