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What should I do if the Projectplace add-on is blocked?

A blocked add-on could be a result of a proxy, firewall, anti-virus software or browser settings.


If you are working on a company network that uses a proxy, you need to add the Server Address and Port number to the add-on. This information can be obtained from your company’s IT department.

The following instructions only apply to the Projectplace for Windows add-on.

Make sure is added as an exception in your Proxy server.  

  • Right-click the Projectplace for Windows icon  on the taskbar (Click the Show hidden icons arrow, if the Projectplace icon is not visible).
  • Click Preferences and select the tab Network
  • Click the Use proxy checkbox and add the necessary information.

Proxy password changes will be indicated by a notification that there is no Internet connection. To resolve, click the notification and update the password.

The Projectplace for Windows add-on uses port 54402The port used can be set manually by right-clicking the Projectplace for Windows icon in the taskbar. Select Preferences/Advanced and set a port number between 1024 – 66535.


When using a firewall, ensure that traffic is allowed for:<port number used> (loopback)


Contact us

If you still are unable to get the add-on to work, contact Projectplace Support.

If you need an MSI file to install Projectplace for Windows, please contact Projectplace Support.


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