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What can I do if I don't get the Read or Edit option?

If you don't get the Read or Edit option, it is possible that you have not yet installed the Projectplace document add-on. If you have installed the add-on, you might not get the Read or Edit option because the add-on is not working or it is blocked. The instructions below should help you troubleshoot if the add-on is not working.

To get these options the Projectplace document add-on has to be installed and running.


Ensure the add-on is working

Right-click on the Projectplace icon app_icon.png  if multiple options show up, the add-on is installed. 


Windows: Bottom right, though it might be hidden under the arrow.  Mac: Top right of your screen, always visible.


Check whether you are logged in

Right-click on the Projectplace icon app_icon.png and select log in. Here you can log into the add-on with the same email address and password as in the browser. (If the login option doesn't show up, choose Preferences. This will allow you to check whether you are logged in with the correct email address.)

If you log in via Single sign-on or two-step verification is activated for your user account, you will need an app password.


Add-on installed but not working


  • Launch the task manager; press CTRL+ALT+DEL
  • Go to Processes, Locate Projectplace.exe , right-click and select End Task
  • Close Task Manager
  • Now click the Windows start button, Search Projectplace for Windows in your program list and click the icon to launch.



  • Click the Projectplace icon (top right of your screen), select quit.
  • From the OS X Finder select the Applications folder
  • Double click on Projectplace for Mac icon to launch


If re-launching the add-on does not resolve the issue, you can try reinstalling it. 


If you tried the above and the add-on is still not working, it might be blocked. Read more here.


Contact us

If you still are unable to get the add-on to work, contact Projectplace Support.

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