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How Do I Merge Two User Accounts?

Combine Two User Accounts

We recommend that you only have one user account. If you have multiple user accounts, you must log in with different addresses in order to access the various workspaces. It is technically not possible to merge two user accounts. What you can do is make sure that you can access all your workspaces with the user account you want to keep and delete your other account.

Follow These Steps

  1. Log in to the user account(s) where you have workspaces to which you may be re-invited (that is, where you are not the head administrator).
  2. Invite your primary e-mail address, the one you want to keep, to the workspaces you have on this account. 

It is possible that you don't have the proper access to invite yourself to the workspaces. In that case, ask an administrator of the workspaces to invite you again with your primary e-mail address, the one you want to keep.

Once you have been invited to all your workspaces with your primary e-mail address, you may delete your other user accounts. When that is done, you can add your other e-mail addresses to the user account you have with your primary e-mail address.

If your organization is using Single Sign-On (SSO), your IT-department needs to point to the correct e-mail address to be able to login to the correct user account.


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