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How do I edit administrators?

The person who created the workspace automatically becomes the head administrator. We recommend that you add one or more administrators to help manage the workspace. Workspace administrators can, for example, set access rights to document folders and determine the tools that are available in the workspace. 

A person must first be invited to a workspace as a member, before being assigned as an administrator.

To edit administrators:

Change workspace administrators 1.png

  1. Navigate to a workspace you are a member of.
  2. Click the Administration tool on the workspace toolbar.
  3. Click the Administrators tab.
  4. Click the Add Administrators + icon.png button.

    Change workspace administrators 2.png

  5. (a) Select one or more workspace members and (b) click Add administrators.
  6. To remove an administrator, hover the cursor over the administrator name you want to remove and click the delete icon Delete Icon.png that appears on the right.

    Change workspace administrators 3.png

  7. From the overlay window that appears, click Remove.

You can also change the head administrator if needed. 

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