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Update to the Projectplace Teams Functionality

Starting with our September release scheduled for October 1, 2020, we are planning to introduce the first of several updates to the Teams functionality in Projectplace. The first update address the following enhancement requests that many users have suggested:

  • It would be good if new team members also get automatically added to the workspaces that the Team is connected to.
  • It would be good if workspace administrators do not have to turn on Publish workspace to Team in order for card and document review assignments to become visible on Team Overview.
  • It would be good if the cards from boards that have access rights restrictions would show up on the Team Overview, as long as the Team has access.

The updates we are doing will have an impact on what workspaces users have access to and what information is displayed in the Team Overview assignments. The changes can be summarized as follows:

  • Starting on October 1, all users that are part of a Team will be added to all connected workspaces.
  • When a user is invited to become a new Team member, they will automatically be added to all workspaces connected to the Team.
  • If a user is removed from the Team they are automatically removed from all connected workspaces, unless the user is also a member of another member group in the workspace, or if they are an administrator of the workspace.
  • It will not be possible to remove an individual user from a workspace if they are part of a connected Team.
  • The Team assignments list in Team Overview will only display assignments from workspaces that the Team is connected to. 


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