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October 2016: A new generation of Projectplace

Projectplace: The next generation

Streamlined user experience

Our updated Projectplace user experience benefits all users.  You will find that the product is more appealing, intuitive and consistent.  The design is modern, clean, and flat to make it easier to focus on the most important actions on each page. And our collaborative features have become even more central to make sure you can benefit from working together and getting things done.

Another benefit of the new interface is that the standard browser buttons, like back and forwards work consistently and that you are able to favorite or bookmark unique views in Projectplace in the same way that you do it for other web pages. Use this feature to bookmark tools and workspaces that you visit often.

Create a bookmark for your personal overview to get straight to your list of commitments with just one easy click.

Check out this video giving an overview of Projectplace with the new interface

Or take a look at the FAQ.

This is the new Overview for your workspace

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My overview

The new My overview, which you reach by clicking on the Projectplace logo at the top left, gives a better overview and management of your daily tasks.  You have an inbox for all the work that has been assigned to you across all workspaces and can choose when you want to schedule in the work. Add personal tasks that only you can see to get a complete picture of what’s on your plate. Whether you have a report to finish at work or you need to pick up milk from the store; ‘My overview’ will allow you to prioritize and execute on any task that comes your way.

From my overview you can open and mark the work as done or go straight to the corresponding board to collaborate with the rest of the team. 

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Decluttered overview with conversations in their own tool

To make the overview for your workspace less cluttered and give you focus on the things that matter right now, we are moving the conversation flow into its own tool (tab).  This gives more space on the workspace overview to look at the health of your work visible in the dashboard and present the work that is currently in focus. On the overview, you will find recent conversations and comments and be able to add new posts or comment on existing ones. The full contents of your workspace discussions are available in the Conversations tab.  We have also added the ability to edit conversation posts, helping to provide you with a more complete social collaboration experience.


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Collaborative Workstreams

The project and work managers that we talk to often face a challenge when getting the team to understand the connection between activities and cards and why it is so powerful to be able to plan and follow-up in the Gantt while the team enjoys executing and collaborating for optimum productivity on the Kanban boards. Projectplace now provides an easier and more streamlined interaction between activities, boards and cards. With the new Projectplace you can:

  • Add new cards straight in the plan. This means you can start breaking down work into it's smallest components before execution without having to create a separate board for future work.
  • Users have the ability to directly connect activities to boards.  When you connect the activity to a board - all the pre-created cards will be visible on the board in the planned column. By adding the cards to the board when the team should work on them - you get better metrics and less "holding" boards. In the new interface, the activities that are being worked on are also visible at the top of the board giving the team the context for the currently ongoing work. And they can see their progress straight away.
  • Collaborative Workstreams will also allow users to unclutter boards containing long lists of completed cards. This has been a big problem for many of our users and we have heard about it on Projectplace ideas. With Workstreams, the cards will disappear off the board when an activity is marked as done. This leaves the board free for new work, and stops you from having archive boards for historical data. What happens with the cards? Don't worry - all the data stays on the card which can be found on the activity in the plan.

Some administrators need to prepare the plan in order to update a workspace to the new interface. If your workspace does not have the new interface after the 26th October you can read more about preparing the plan.

Watch the film about how you best utilize the power of Workstreams

Read more about the changes and how they may affect your workspace


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Projects become Workspaces

With the new Projectplace we introduce some changes in the terminology. We support many types of collaborative work, and although most of our users work in projects there is usually not a one to one correlation between their project and the "project area" in Projectplace. We have therefore enhanced the terminology to better reflect this reality. The new word for the virtual office or team space where the magic happens in Projectplace is going to be Workspace. You get invited to or administer a workspace in Projectplace for your project or your team. The terminology updates included in this release are:

  • Project (when referring to the area you are invited to or administer in Projectplace) becomes Workspace.
  • Project step becomes Milestone.

Internet Explorer 9

Modern web browsers are more feature rich and secure than old one. With this release we join Microsoft in stopping official support for Internet Explorer 9. This means that new features and interfaces will not be tested in IE9 and we will not fix bugs that are IE9-specific. 

What's up next?

In the next few months we will be working on a new version of Documents to bring the full power of the new interface for Projectplace to our most widely used tool. 

Read our FAQ for more information about specific features.

Tell us what you think!

We welcome applause, cheers and other feedback over at Projectplace ideas. You can always contact our support if you have further questions.


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