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Use Projectplace Downloader

Projectplace Downloader for Windows is an application that allows workspace administrators to download all documents in the Documents tool at once locally. Documents in the special folders Public documents and Knowledgebase base will not be downloaded.

Projectplace Downloader can be used as an alternative to the download function for big document archives. Contact to get access to the tool.

Projectplace allows you to create deep folder structures with long folder and file names. Windows Explorer however, has limited ability to display files with paths longer than 256 characters. If your file path length exceeds that, Projectplace Downloader will warn you that you may need a third party application to access the downloaded files. To avoid this, rename/rearrange the folders/documents in the Documents tool so that the path gets shorter, before downloading the documents. If you would like to retain the original structure, an example of a third party product you can use is Total Commander - a file manager for Windows that can access long file paths.

To download documents:

  1. Click on the link provided by Projectplace staff to install Projectplace Downloader.
  2. When prompted, click Run.
  3. Complete the setup wizard process.
  4. Log in using your Projectplace email address and password. If you use two-step verification or login with single sign-on via your company network, you must login using an app password.
  5. Select the workspace you want to download documents from.
  6. Click on the "..." button to select the location where you want to save the documents.
  7. Select if you want to include all versions of the documents or not.
  8. Click on Start button to start the download.

The time it takes to download depends on the size of the document archive, the internet connection speed and stability, and the storage space available on your local drive.

If you require additional support, please contact


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