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Projectplace Assistant

Projectplace Assistant is your virtual assistant in Projectplace powered by artificial intelligence. It can help get work done efficiently with simplicity.

As of July 4, 2018, Projectplace Assistant is in the Beta stage. 

Interacting with Projectplace Assistant

Projectplace Assistant is always available in the Messages tool as a virtual user.  You can speak to Projectplace Assistant like you speak with other members.

Bot in home page.png

Ask Projectplace Assistant Questions Such As:

  • Show me my work.
  • Show my planned cards.
  • Show my latest 2 working on cards.
  • Show the overdue cards.

Perform Actions with Projectplace Assistant Such As:

  • Change the status of cards
  • Change card assignees

Report Time with Projectplace Assistant:

With Projectplace Assistant, you can report time on cards from various workspaces in one place. You can query for cards with different statuses and then report time on them. For example, you can write or speak commands such as:

  • "Report 3 hours on the second card."
  • "Report 2 hours on the first card and 3 hours on the second card."
  • "Report time."
  • "Time reporting."

The system automatically recognizes reported time and responds with a confirmation message. You can also undo a time report through Projectplace Assistant in case of an error.

Time reporting.png

As of July 4 2018, Projectplace Assistant only supports English. Support for other languages will be released and announced soon.





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