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The Messages tool enables account members to communicate with each other in real-time making it easier and more convenient to communicate with team members.

This feature is currently in the Beta stage as of May 30, 2018.


 Start a Message Session

  1. Click the Messages button Message Button 2.png at the bottom, right corner of the Projectplace window.

    Messages floating button.png

  2. From the Messages pane, click the New message button.

    New message button.png

  3. Type the first few letters of the person with whom you want to send a message.
  4. Select the name of the person from the results list.

    Message search result.png

  5. Type your message in the message box and when you are ready click Send.

    Message one on one.png

You can message any member of the account, except external members.

The numbered red badge accompanying the Messages button Message Button 4.png indicates the number of new messages that have arrived since the Messages pane was previously opened.

You can discuss the details of a card in a message by inserting the card into the message.

Adding a Card into a Message Session

  1. Once you are in an active message session, navigate to a board that includes a card you want to include in the message session. Then, press and hold down the Alt key (or Option key on a Mac) and click the desired card to add the card to the message session.

    Add card one.png

  2. The card will appear in the Messages pane.

    Add card two.png


Actions on Cards in a Message Session

1. You can take actions like changing the card's Assignee and Status of the card you have added in a message session.

Action on cards.png

You can only change the actions for an active card.  The active card, in a message session, is the last card you added to the message session and the active card will always be in view to the participants in the message session.

Making a Card Inactive in a Message Session

Once you are done with a card, you can make it inactive from the message session.

  1. Click the more menu icon More options icon.png of the card in a message session.

Make card inactive 1.png

2. Select the Make inactive option
Make card inactive 2.png

3. The actions will disappear from the card view.

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