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About communication in Projectplace

Use Projectplace for communication within your project or team to save conversations and other information. Projectplace workspace members can easily contact each other without the need of a contact or address list. Projectplace communication takes place in the following ways:

  1. You can keep discussions and comments around work to be done in one place, instead of keeping track of numerous email threads. Comments can be added to all types of Projectplace elements, such as activities, milestones, cards, documents, and portfolios.
  2. In addition, a conversations tool is available on both a workspace and a team level that can be used for general discussions and effective information distribution.
  3. The online meeting function, enables Projectplace users to hold meetings within your distributed team, or with partners and customers.
  4. Projectplace includes a real-time messaging tool which works on the account level called Messages allowing you to quickly contact and communicate with your team members.

The Messages tool is currently in the Beta stage as of May 30, 2018.  Additional features will be announced soon.

The Communication overview provides you with the information and help you need to effectively communicate in Projectplace. 




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