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Planview Customer Success Center

Project Expenses

After choosing Menu > New from Home/Expenses, you will see a dialog like the one below. Fill out the appropriate fields and click Save. 





By default, the current project is selected. If necessary, change the Project in the Project dropdown list.


Select the Task for the Project Expense you wish to log from the Task dropdown list

Material Expense ID

Select the Material Expense ID. All Projects that you are on the team of that have Material Expenses associated with them will appear in the list. If you do not see a project you need,  contact the appropriate Project Owner.

Date Incurred

Select the Date the Expense was incurred

Date Covered From
Date Covered To

Select the Dates Covered (From and To).  Example: a hotel Expense from 3/1 to 3/5


Enter the amount of the Expense

Paid To

Enter the name of the person or business that the Expense was paid to


Select the type of Expense from the drop down list.  If the Material Expense Type does not appear in the drop down list, see the Project Owner or Sys­tem Administrator.

Payment Method

Select the payment method from the drop down list


nter the Description of the Expense. This field allows you to give a brief description of the Expense.


ter the names of the participants if it applies to the type of Expense


Enter the name of the city where the Expense was incurred


Enter any additional comments.

Is Billable?

The checkbox automatically defaults to the correct value based on the billable value of the Material Expense. You can change the checkbox necessary.