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FastTrack Solution: Collaborative Work Management

This FastTrack Solution supports the No Matter How You Work™ approach, providing customers with portfolio, work and resource management capabilities based on Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management, and collaborative team working using Projectplace sites with Kanban boards and document management.

In this article, "project" refers to the work entity maintained in the Portfolio and Resource Management application, and "workspace" refers to the work entity maintained in Projectplace.

Business Outcomes
  • Common Solution: Deliver a common tool and language that support all types of work: both structured project work and unstructured non-project work

  • Team Working Space: Provide a collaborative team working space that ensures that all team members have rapid and current access to the information and deliverables that they are collaborating on

  • Task or project based work: Facilitate cross-organizational teams to work more effectively, towards organizational strategic objectives – no matter if working in a structured project or collaborating on tasks

  • Productivity: Improve resource effectiveness and productivity, leading to improved utilization

  • Task Management: Ensure visibility and focus on the highest priority tasks and improve on-time delivery of projects

The Solution
  • This FastTrack Solution utilizes both Portfolio and Resource Management, and Projectplace; with the Team Member Plus license.
  • It supports two broad types of work in an organization:
    • Structured work which is subject to governance (initiation process, prioritization, funding approval, gates) and which is managed as projects within Portfolio and Resource Management.
    • Unstructured work (ad-hoc activities) which are outside the scope of Portfolio and Resource Management and are not subject to governance.
  • The Collaborative Work Management FastTrack Solution supports both of these use cases with three different collaboration options, with and without integration between Portfolio and Resource Management, and Projectplace.

Option 1: No Integration between Projects and Workspaces

There is no integration between projects and workspaces in this option. Both types of work are created directly in the respective application.

  • Projects are created from the Portfolio and Resource Management application and is the record of truth for project governance, schedule, resource assignments, execution and completion .
  • Workspaces are created in Projectplace as needed for team members to collaborate through the use of boards, cards, and documents.

Resource time should be reported to the projects in the Portfolio and Resource Management application to leverage the extensive suite of FastTrack Analytics and custom created reports.

Option 2: Simplify Time Reporting from Projectplace

Team Member Plus option replaces the Time Reporting feature in Projectplace with the Timesheet feature in the Portfolio and Resource Management application (Figure 1: Callout 1).

  • This simplifies the time entry process for team members because they can report time directly within Projectplace. When resources select the Time Reporting menu in Projectplace, they will be presented with the Timesheet screen from the Portfolio and Resource Management, stylized with the look and feel of a Projectplace screen.
  • As the time is reported to the project, work managers have the immediate ability to view and manage the amount of effort reported on the projects.
  • All  time entry restrictions and rules as established in the Portfolio and Resource Management application are applied regardless if the screen is displayed in Projectplace or Portfolio and Resource Management.

This option does not utilize the work integration, therefore projects and workspaces are created as needed directly, within the respective applications. The user integration can be enabled to invite Portfolio and Resource Management users of the Team Member User Type to Projectplace (Figure 1: Callout 5).

Option 3: Create Workspaces and Invite Resources

Both the work and resource integrations are used for this option to maximize the ability to collaborate and manage the work between both applications.

  • Projects created in the Portfolio and Resource Management application are flag for Projectplace collaboration as needed. This will result in the creation of an associated workspace (Figure 1: Callout 2).
  • As resources as assigned to the project, an invitation will be sent to invite to the associated workspace (Figure 1: Callout 3).

If time entry is required, it is recommended to enable the Team Member Plus feature as described in Option 2, to simply the time entry process and to leverage the analytics and reporting capabilities within the Portfolio and Resource Management application (Figure 1: Callout 1).

Option 4: Synchronize Projectplace Card Information to the Associated Project

This option is an expansion from option 3, designed to synchronize information from Projectplace cards to card action items and to automatically creates authorizations based on card assignee:

  • Create Action Items (Cards) cards in the project based on cards created in the workspace.
  • Card status and attributes updated in the workspace will be updated on the cards in the project.
  • Resources assigned to cards in the workspace can generate an authorization on the project for each of resource management for time reporting.
  • Resources assigned to cards in the workspace can also be assigned to Action Items (Cards) on the project (Figure 1: Callout 4).
Solution Map Help Guide   ?   Using Solution Maps

The following diagram illustrates the scope of the solution and provides an interactive map to understand the solution. The process flow identifies two entry points for work;

  • The governed process for projects that will be managed in Portfolio and Resource Management, and Projectplace
  • The ad-hoc process for unstructured work that is created directly in Projectplace

Figure 1: Solution Map for Collaborative Work Management