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Enterprise Architecture Training: Advanced Metamodeling


Course Description

Advanced Metamodeling training for Planview Enterprise One - Capability and Technology Management (CTM) is an immersive, interactive class that teaches the skills needed to customize the metamodel.

This one-day course provides mastery of the components, relationships and property types within the metamodel, as well as the skills to create calculated properties and relationships. This will allow you to accurately model your environment with greater precision.

Additionally, students will schedule time with their Training Consultant for one-on-one coaching after the classroom learning.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will learn how to:

  • Customize the metamodel
  • Extend the metamodel for out-of-the-box primary component types
  • Extend the metamodel for new primary component types
  • Use calculated properties and advanced customization approaches


Planview Enterprise One Advanced Metamodeling Training Class.pdf


This class is ideal for advanced technical or administrative users of CTM who will be responsible for maintaining and customizing the metamodel.

Expert product knowledge required. 


Program Level

Advanced (Level 3)

Very technical class with highly detailed topics

1 day


  • Active Metamodel
  • Add New Components
  • Add New Attributes (7 Types)
  • Add New Relationship
  • Add New Calculated Data Properties
  • Add New Calculated Reference Properties
  • Modify Existing Lifecycles

Class Duration: 2 Half-day Segments Virtual 




*Pricing for the Public Training class is $1,350 per person. 

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