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Configuring the System for Financial Planning (Overview)

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The Administer Financial Management-Financial Planning screen includes various options that help you configure the system for financial planning.

To navigate to the Administer Financial Management-Financial Planning screen:

The following table describes the screen's options:

Option Description

Financial Planning Models

Lets you add, edit, or delete a financial model as well as configure versions, configure accounts, define period display rules, and manage entities.

Financial Planning Line Attributes

Lets you define the subset of attributes (from the master list of alternate structures) that you want for use in describing or classifying costs and benefits.

Depreciation Templates

Lets you add, edit, or delete a Depreciation Template; within each template define depreciation life by Expenditure Type; also lets you set a default template.

Financial Planning Downloads and Imports Log

Lets you view a log of the transactions relevant to importing and exporting data between financial planning and Microsoft Excel; log contains information about any such transactions you or any other user performed.

View Scheduled Jobs

Lets you view, edit, and delete scheduled jobs related to loading financial plans.