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Planview Customer Success Center

Community Portal Retirement/Upgrade

We are in process of providing you an upgraded community discussion portal. 

Here are a few questions that help explain our community portal evolution.

Why are we getting rid of the current portal?

We like discussions and we want to provide the best discussion forum that we can! The current portal is part of our code base and as such requires maintenance resources. Today there are much better community discussion forums available for us to build the best user experience possible.

What are we getting to replace it?

We are building the new community portal on one of the leading discussion platforms available today, Disqus. You will still be able to subscribe to discussions and announcements, as well as post messages and questions for others in the community.

What is the timing?

The process will take several releases, but the changes will begin with the December release. At that time the current community portal will start redirecting to a new portal that is part of the Planview Customer Success Center.

How do customers sign up?

We will provide more details about specifics in the next few months for how you sign up and post. In the first release you will need to log into the new Community Portal to post, however we are working on a single sign on capability coming in 2018.