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Known Issues - Financial Summary (Beta)

The following are the known issues in the Financial Summary (Beta) feature.

If you update a financial entry for a summary that uses Forecasts and Actuals for leaf items, the updated value will not appear in the summary until you refresh

February 2021 release

  1. After you configure EAC/ETC calculations and NPV parameters at the Organization/Finances/Financial Summary Components level, those settings will serve as the defaults for any newly created summary structure. Currently, if you change the Organization-level defaults, those changes will be reflected in existing project-level summaries. The correct behavior, coming soon, is that once a project-level structure is created and the defaults applied, any subsequent changes made at the Organization level will not impact existing summaries.

  2. In Organization/Finances/Financial Summary Components/General, changing the Display Name of a data stream does not propagate to the corresponding labels in the New Field modal. 

  3. In order to view the Organization/Finances/Financial Summary Components section, in addition to having View > Organization Financial Summary permission,  the user must also have View > Organization/ Financial Settings permission.

  4. If the financial admin removes a data stream from Organization/Finances/Financial Summary Components and then directly navigates to a project summary, that stream will still be visible until the page is refreshed. 

  5. Viewing details for a finance summary node in a project places that item in the recently viewed list, and will subsequently throw an error if the users selects the bookmarked item.

  6. Summary field titles are currently limited to 50 characters.

Key Capabilities Still to be Added 

The following are capabilities still to be added to the Financial Summary feature.

  • "View As" another user, for permitted team members who normally cannot see cost data
  • Configure budget as a lump sum amount or single total column
  • Reporting and rollups
  • Configure column visibility
  • Apply/copy over a Fin Summary structure to existing projects