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About scoring teams and filters (legacy requests only)

Note: Scoring teams and filters are relevant to legacy requests only.

A scoring team is the mechanism for granting users permission to score legacy requests as well as assign and lock scoring profiles. Note that only a user with administrative privileges can set a profile for a request type.

This Scoring Team page applies to legacy requests. Project scoring and the new request scoring is controlled by profile-based permissions.

Scoring team member permissions (legacy requests only)

When you add a user to the request scoring team, you have the option of granting the user a set of permissions. The following permissions are available:

  • Can score any (legacy) request - Allows a user to score any request. A user with this permission does not need to be assigned to a request scoring filter team.
  • Can lock scores - Allows a user to lock lock request scores. For projects, this is now controlled by profile-based permissions. Grant the appropriate user/group/unit the Project > Edit > Scoring permission to allow the appropriate users to lock scoring for project(s) either globally, or for specific projects, depending on how the permission is granted.

Scoring team members with permission to score requests can view and score the requests even if they are not on the request approval team.

Note: You can automatically give the requester permission to score the request. See Assigning a scoring profile to a request type.

Rights for requesters (legacy requests only)

The requester can score a request without being put explicitly on a scoring team if the Requester Can Score property is enabled on the Request Type.

Scoring filters (legacy requests only)

A user with PPM Pro administrative privileges can further refine what requests any particular user can score by creating a scoring filter team. A filter represents one or more characteristic of a request type that can be used to identify that project or request type.

Once you create the filter, you assign specific scorers the ability to score requests that satisfy a particular filter. The scorers comprise the scoring filter team. A user must belong to the scoring team to be eligible for a scoring filter team. For more information, see Creating scoring filters and Adding users to a scoring filter team.

A scoring team member that has permission to score any request does not need to belong to a scoring filter team to score requests. Any scoring team member that does NOT have permission to score all requests must be on a scoring filter team, or that user will not be able to score any requests. A user can be assigned to multiple scoring filter teams. Conversely, a user can be assigned to no scoring filter teams, but can simply have permission to score all requests.

How to get started

Determine who will comprise your scoring team. The general steps are as follows: