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Request Types

The Request/Types page found in Admin/Setup/All Entities displays all the request types that are configured for your organization, along with information about each request. From this tab you can create a new request type. You can edit or delete existing request types by clicking the [Info] link for the type you want to work with.

Note: Innotas Administrators create request types.



Item Type

(Required) Determines what item, if any, will be created with the request is approved. Account, Issue, Task, Project, or None.

Target Program/Project

Program for Project entity, Project for Task/Issue entity


(Required) Names the request type. Enter a descriptive title; this is the name that will be used throughout the application.

Final Approver Can Select Alternate Target

Check this setting if you want to allow the final approver to create the requested item in a destination other than the target specified.

Allow Item Creation Prior to Request Approval


Final Request Approver

(Required) Every gate/request must have at least one approver. Specify the user who must give final approval for the request to be granted. Other people added to the final approval team get the same permissions. You can give the requester permission to specify a different final approver (see next setting).

Submitter Can Select Final Approver

Check this setting if you want to allow requesters to submitrequests to a specific approver for final approval. Do not select the checkbox if you want the requests to be submitted to the final approval team.

Contact Filter

This field is not currently in use.

Resource Filter

The request type will be visible only to resources specified by this filter, if any. See Creating Filters for information about creating filters.

Is Active

This is set to Yes by default (not visible on Create dialog). To disable the request type,edit the request type and set to No.

Scoring Profile

Choose a scoring profile if you want requests of this type to be scored. If there is no scoring profile in the drop-down list, it means that no scoring profiles have been configured for this request type. You must first configure at least one scoring profile under Admin/Setup/Scoring. See About Scoring and Creating a Scoring Profile for more information.

Requestor Can Score

Check this setting to allow the requestor to score.

Add Attachments to Item



Enter any text you wish to appear in the Description field for this request type on the Create Request tab.

Prefix Text

Enter any text you wish to appear on the first screen of the Create New Request dialog. This text can be instruction or general information.


You create the new request types from this tab by clicking the New button. See Creating Request Types for more information. The process for creating requests types includes: