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Getting Started with Request Types

The types of requests you need depend on your organization's requirements. Requests can result in the creation of the following PPM Pro entities: Account, Project, Task or Issue. If your organization requires a formal process to create these items, then you should create corresponding request types.

Types of requests

PPM Pro provides two request types:

  • Project Initiation

  • Project Change

These requests types are examples that you can use as a starting point when determining what type of requests are important to your organization. Requests help organize information, so when thinking about request types think about what kinds of information members of your organization need to do their jobs.

Does the request require 6 data points or 60?

Does the request require a heavy approval process or a light one?

You might find that you need two request types for one set of data because you need two different approval processes.


PPM Pro  scoring can be used to prioritize requests. Your organization needs to decide whether or not to include scoring as part of its evaluation process. If you do decide to use scoring, you need to identify and create scoring profiles to associate with request types.

Lookup Lists

When designing request types, make note of any custom lookup lists that might be needed for use with request fields. Some lists might already exist since request fields are often mapped to fields defined on other entities - examples includes project type and department lists. However, you might want to tie a project to a Ranking or Risk list, which are values your organization will want to define for itself. See Creating Lookup Lists for more information.


Gates are request milestones that require approval. A Final Approval gate is created by default and is the minimum requirement. You need to consider how many additional gates, if any, a request types will need.

Approval Team Makeup

Approval teams accompany each gate and can comprise one or more member(s). You need to consider how big each team is, if all or any members can approve a request, and then make sure that the appropriate users are created and active when it is time to build the team.

What next?

The process for creating requests types includes: