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About Request Gates

Note: Innotas Administrators create request gates.

A request gate is a milestone along the lifecycle of a request where you can require additional information and approval.

When you create a request type, a final approval gate is created by default. This is the only required gate. You can create additional gates to gather information and additional approval for a request type.

You create gates on Admin/Setup/All Entities/Requests/Types (you'll click the [Info] link for a request type and then click the Gates link in the left nav).

Gate Approval Team

Each gate has a primary Gate Approver and Approval Team members who approve/reject the request for that gate. The selection of a primary Gate Approver ensures that there is at least one approver; if members are added to the team, they receive the same permissions as the primary Approver. If the request is approved, it moves forward to the next gate, or to final approval if there are no more gates. If the request is rejected, it moves back to the previous gate, or to the submitter if there are no previous gates.

Request gate approvals can be set to require all Approval Team member approval. When all of the Approval Team is required to approve a gate, every gate Approval Team member and the Gate Approver must approve the gate. If anyone rejects the request, the request moves back to the previous gate.

See Approval Teams for more information.

Hiding/Showing request fields for specific gates

You can configure request fields to show or not at any gate depending on the workflow of the particular request. Hidden fields must be configured for each gate. In other words, any fields you hide will appear for other gates, unless you hide the field again on other gates.

See Request Type Field Set-up for more information on configuring request gates and Gate Field Visibility for field display options for gates.