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Mapping Fields (legacy)

Field mappings populate data from the request to the newly created requested item once the request is approved and the requested item is created. This reduces data entry time and increases data accuracy. Only like fields can be mapped to each other. For example, a date field on a request can only be mapped to a date field on the requested task, issue, project, and so on. Calculated fields cannot be mapped.

The Target Item Field column displays the field in the target item that is mapped to the request field. You cannot map fields for request types that do not create items (the request type Item Type =  "-None-").

To map a field

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/All Entities/Request/Types and click the [Info] link for the request type.
  2.  Click the Fields & Mappings tab
  3. Select the field by checking the checkbox to the left of the field title, then choose Menu > Edit Mappings. You can edit multiple fields at once by checking multiple checkboxes.
  4. Choose the field to map to in the Edit Mapping dialog, then click Save.