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Who Can Create Projects

You can now use permission profiles to grant permission to create projects. Previously, in order to create projects the user either needed to be a member of the Organization group, or be a team member of the Department to which the project will belong. Note that projects are no longer required to have a parent entity, such as a department

Automatic Provisioning 

Starting with the June 2017 release, a migration script will now provision the create permission to the appropriate users, the same as it provisions other permissions.

The automatic provisioning does the following:

  1. Creates a Project Creator group and populates it with users who today are on a Department team with Create Projects permissions.
  2. Creates a Project Create profile that is configured with a Global Rule that grants members of the Organization group and members of the Project Creators group permission to create projects.

You can modify this setup as you see fit. You can add more users/groups/units to the Project Creators group, or remove users. You can decide that you want the Create permission included in a profile that grants project full edit rights by simply adding the Create > Project permission to that profile.

Manual Provisioning

If you have already run the migration and don't want to revert and do it again, you can take the following manual steps:

  1. Create a new permission profile named 'Project Create'.
  2. Add a Global rule to the profile and choose the 'Organization' group.
  3. Check 'Project -> Create' permission box in permission hierarchy.
  4. Create new user-defined group named 'Project Creators'.
  5. Populate 'Project Creators' with desired members (formerly Department team members with Create Project permission).
  6. Add a Global rule to the Project Create profile and choose the 'Project Creators' group.
  7. Save.