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Permissions Explorer Overview

Note: This tool is applicable only to those entities that use Enterprise Permissions (portfolios, assets, reports, dashboards, filters, and projects)

Administering permissions is a complex process. The enterprise model offers a great deal of flexibility, which ultimately gives you, the user, a lot of power. With great power comes great responsibility....(I couldn't resist).

The Permissions Explorer is a tool that allows you to trace every permission granted to every user, and the converse: every permission granted on every entity. The Explorer provides a bi-directional, visual representation of all the permissions in your environment to help you quickly understand and verify who can do what - and how.

The Explorer is designed to work with the enterprise permissions model, and it does not support any of the older "legacy" permissions in the system. This means it can be used to explore entities that use the new permissions only.

Who Has Permissions On This Entity (and what are they)?

For example, to explore the permissions granted on an entity, you simply select an entity (such as a portfolio or a project or a resource) and choose Actions > View People With Permissions On This Entity (or choose it from the right-click context menu) to open a window that shows the users with permission on the entity, and how they got the permissions.

What Entities Does This User Have Permissions On (and how)?

To explore the permissions that a user has been granted, for example, you select a user from the Resource Workbench or the Resources page and choose Actions > View User's Permissions to open a window that shows the permissions the selected user has been granted.

The Permissions Explorer currently supports:

  • Portfolios

  • Assets

  • Filters

  • Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Resources

  • Projects

  • Organization Finance Settings

  • Organization Internal Rates

  • New Requests

See Using the Permissions Explorer.