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Adding a Product to Planview ID

This topic describes:

For information about other ongoing maintenance tasks, see PVID Ongoing Maintenance.

Currently PPM Pro and Projectplace tenants are supported in PVID.

Before you Begin

Please read Planview ID Overview.

Log in to PVID Admin Console

Log in to PVID at You will see the admin console, shown below:

Overview page.png

The navigation bar has the following tabs (note that non-admin users will see the Overview and Product tabs only):

  • Overview - This view will be empty when you initially log in. After you add/connect products, this tab will display the products that are available to your organization. Click on a "tile" to launch the corresponding Planview product. 
  • Users - (Admin only) This is the list of users from all connected product instances. The Product column indicates which connected products this user is mapped to. A sample screenshot of the Users tab is shown below.
  • Products - This page has two sections: My Products and Add Product. The My Products section lists the Planview products that have been connected. The tiles in the Add Product section represent the Planview products available to the organization that have not yet been connected. End users will simply see the connected product tiles and can simply click the tile to access the product.
  • Settings - (Admin only) This is where you configure Single Sign On for the current PVID organization.

The Users tab:


The Users tab shows:

  • All users mapped to the current tenant instance
  • The Add Users button - allows creation of a new PVID user. See Adding Users Manually.
  • The first/last name of each PVID.
  • The user's email address
  • The Admin column - a checkmark indicates the user is a PVID admin.
  • The products to which the PVID user is mapped.
  • The Status of the user - Active or Inactive. Users are inactive until they complete PVID registration.
  • A "hamburger" menu with items for performing admin functions. See Administer PVID Users.

Add Products (Connect) to PVID Customer Account

Note that to be able to connect products, the PVID customer admin MUST ALSO be an admin for the target product. While it is not required, it is best practice to set up the portfolio product first, because importing certain global settings, such as Local Authorization Override, will work better if set up first.

Connecting/adding a product places it under PVID management and imports existing users that are already configured in the product.

To connect a product to a PVID environment:

  1. Navigate to the Products tab.
  2. In the Add Product section, locate the product you wish to connect and click "Connect".


"The Connect Product Instance to Planview ID" dialog appears:




Before you click Connect, it is important to re-confirm that the email address you used to register with PVID is the same email address that you use in the target product you are connecting (for example, PPM Pro). In addition, your user in the target product (such as PPM Pro or Projectplace, must be an admin. If you are not certain about either of these requirements, please cancel out of this dialog and make any adjustments before logging back into PVID and trying again.


  1. Enter the login URL for this product instance and click Connect. For example,
  2. A dialog appears - enter the password that matches the email address you used to register with PVID - this confirms that you are an admin and have rights to connect.
  3. Click Save.

The product tile you connected now appears in the My Products section, and the active users configured in the target product have been imported and are listed in the product Users tab.

Note that at this point PVID has not been activated; users will still be able to access the connected product (PPM Pro in this case) as they normally do - either via username/password or SSO. Prior to activating PVID, you'll want to check for any unmapped users. Once you are ready, activate!

Editing the Product Tile Description

After you add a tenant you can edit the description of the resulting tile in the My Products section. This is optional and just lets you provide custom text that is more meaningful to your organization. To edit the description:

  1. Choose Actions > Edit Description from the hamburger menu.


  1. In the dialog that appears (shown below), edit the text and click Save.


Setting Up SSO



Before enabling SSO in Planview ID, we recommend that you have at least two administrators already added and ensure that one administrator has been enabled to login with an email address and password in case you encounter any SSO issues. See Editing A User Record.


If your organization already uses SSO, please do the following:

  1. Your IT department (or whoever is responsible for SSO in your organization) will need to set up a new application against the Planview ID IDP metadata located at:
  2. In the "Reply URL" field in your IDP configuration (often referred to as "Assertion Consumer Service URL"), the following value should be configured:
  3. Once the new application has been set up in your SSO provider navigate to the Settings tab in Planview ID.
  4. Enable SSO by sliding the toggle to the right. You'll see two radio buttons that provide options for getting the SAML meta data.
  5. Choose to either:
    • Enter the URL to download SAML meta data. If a URL is provided, the metadata will be refreshed every 24 hours.
    • Enter SAML metadata XML manually. After saving the configuration, the metadata XML is downloaded from the URL and used to connect to the IDP.
  6. Optionally enter a SAML Username Attribute.

Adding a New User to Projectplace  

These are the steps for adding a new user to Projectplace when Planview ID is activated for your organization's Projectplace account:

  1. New user either gets invited to a workspace or added as a member to the Projectplace account.
  2. New user receives an email from Projectplace that will direct them to the Planview ID account creation screen.
  3. New user will finish creating his/her Planview ID account (if SSO is enabled, users will not be asked to create a password).
  4. After the new user creates his/her Planview ID account, he/she will be prompted to login to Planview ID. Once logged in, the new user will need to click on the Projectplace tile that appears on the "Overview" screen in order to activate his/her Projectplace account.
  5. Once the new user clicks the Projectplace tile he/she will be automatically logged into Projectplace.
  6. New users can now navigate directly to Projectplace to login without having to go through Planview ID.

Activating, Deactivating Planview ID

To activate Planview ID, click the Activate Planview ID button in the top right corner of the product header.


The button will be replaced with: "Planview ID activated"

To de-activate, select the three dot menu > Deactivate Planview ID. Note that once you deactivate a product from Planview ID, users will not be able to access the product through Planview ID and will revert back to logging in to the target product with their old usernames and passwords (if SSO was previously enabled, then those settings will be retained).