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Known Issues - Dashboard (Beta)

Legacy Dashboards vs New Dashboards (Beta) in the UI 

Currently, new dashboards (Beta) are automatically available in sandboxes, where you can view the new dashboard module AND leave the legacy dashboards active. Remember users must have permission to view at least one dashboard in order to see the new Dashboard (Beta) in the navigation - easiest thing is to create a global permissions profile and grant at least Dashboards > View permission to the appropriate users/groups/units.

When both dashboard "modules" are active in your environment, you will see two dashboard navigation icons in the toolbar. Hover your cursor over each icon - you will see one labeled "Dashboards" (the legacy dashboards), and one labeled "Dashboards (Beta)" (the new dashboards). See the screenshot below:


The "Dashboards" icon will take you to the legacy dashboards UI; the "Dashboards (Beta)" icon will take you to the new dashboards UI. 

When the new dashboards are available for use in production (while still Beta), we will leave the legacy dashboards active as well, unless you specifically ask us to disable them. If you have a sandbox, both the legacy and the new dashboards will be enabled by default - remember to set up the appropriate permissions to view Dashboards (Beta).

At some point in the future (with plenty of notice), the legacy dashboards will be deprecated.

Known Issues

  1. When editing a dashboard, you may get a message when you Save saying that you need to supply a unique title. We made a change recently to require unique titles, so if you happen to edit a dashboard with a non-unique title, you'll be prompted to enter a new title. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. Currently, the publishing schedule times are based on the Organization's locale. This will change in an upcoming release to be based on the current user's locale (set in User Preferences).

Key Capabilities Still to be Added

The following capabilities are still to be added. Note that at some point we will make new Dashboards Generally Available (GA) and not all of the capabilities below will be done. Any capabilities that have not been completed by GA will be converted to enhancements.

  • Export dashboard to PowerPoint

  • Export Dashboard to PDF and Excel 

  • Publish dashboard with expiration handling

  • Customize publish notification including text to display in place of publish link

  • Support for Rich Text Content (e.g., company logo) to be added to Dashboards as a widget

  • History

  • Statistics