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Reports (Beta) FAQs

treasure_map.jpeg   The Reports (Beta) facility is wide and deep. You can do a lot of stuff! The graphical user interface provides a lot of support and really guides the user through the process of creating a report. And then there is the Preview Pane, which illustrates the old adage: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. In support of all that good design, the documentation tries its best to present information in a manner we hope makes sense to our users (and every user brings their own definition of "sense").

Still, we acknowledge that it is sometimes hard to find what you are looking for. One day one of our developers demonstrated something that even we did not know about, and thus was born the Reports (Beta) Treasure Map. This document is a list of cool features or techniques that we want to make sure you know about, or that we think you might have trouble finding. By all means, if you find some treasure that we missed on our map, please let us know and we will add it.

How to prevent the group-by value from repeating on every row?

This is the default behavior, which it sounds like someone has changed. On the List report's Display tab, open the Sorting section and de-select the "Display repeated data" setting.

How to change the field labels on graphical reports?

Graphical reports - Click the edit icon located on the field section of a graphical report's Data tab. This displays the Options modal, where you can edit the field's display label, as well as reorganize or delete fields. See Changing Field Display Label (non-List reports).

For list and gantt reports you can click into a column heading itself and edit right there. Sometimes it can be a bit awkward to edit in the WYSIWYG version, if, for example, the titles are long. Instead you can locate the edit icon in the field section (just like with graphical reports) and open the Options modal and edit there.

I renamed a column in my list report and now I can't see the field path I used to find that field. Is there way to see the original field path?

If you edit a column header to replace a field path text, such as (field 1 > field > 2), you can see the original field path in the Options dialog (click the edit icon in the List fields section.

How to view the data that is represented in a graphical report?

Create a report, like a Pie report. Configure a drilldown for one of the fields in the report, and choose "Data" as the Drill Down target. Run the report and click on one of the pie slices - you will see columns of data that is represented by the graphical version. In the Drilldown to "Data". See Configuring Drilldowns to Reports and Entities.