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Donut/Pie/Spiderweb Charts (Beta)

This topic describes how to use the Report Designer to configure Donut/Pie/Spiderweb charts.

Before You Begin

The mechanics of creating a new report definition are the same across report types. See Creating, Editing, Deleting Reports (Beta). In addition, for any report type you'll also need to configure the Scope & Filters tab, and the Team tab. These are also standard across report types.

This topic focuses on report configuration that takes place on the Data and the Display tabs; the Data tab is where you add fields to your report, and the Display tab is where you configure how you want the data displayed. These tabs vary by report type. For example, some report types require a set of fields that are grouped into one bucket (List report), while other reports types have multiple buckets into which fields are added - each bucket might correspond to an axis (Bar chart), for example, or a value (Crosstab). Another place where these tabs vary by report type is that List, Crosstab, and Gantt report types also use the Preview Pane to configure certain report visualization elements. Using the Preview Pane for data formatting is described in the topics for those report type. However, don't forget that the Preview Pane displays sample data with real-time updates for ALL reports types - this is hugely useful and supports a very satisfying trial and error approach to building reports.

If you wish to learn how to build a different type of report, click on the appropriate link below:

Area/Bar/Column/Line Chart Reports

Bubble Reports

Crosstab Reports

Donut/Pie/Spiderweb Chart Reports

Gantt Chart Reports


List Reports


The screenshots below show examples of Pie and Donut charts



Create the Report 

As for any report type, start by doing the following. 

  1. Navigate to Reports and click the New button. The report designer opens. (Remember you must have permission to create reports in order to see the New button.)
  2. In the General tab, select a Topic, and Type (Donut or Pie) since that's why you're here!), and enter a Title.
  3. Click the Data tab, and here we go:

Adding Fields to Pie and Donut Charts


If you have not already done so, click the Data tab. You will see the Available Fields, Group By, and Values sections. 

The Available Fields section in the Data tab (shown below) provides a list of fields that you put on the report grid to the left of the timeline. Simply double-click on each field you wish to include and it will automatically be placed in the List Fields section. You can reorder the fields by dragging them up or down, using the Move Up/Move Down buttons, or dragging the columns in the Preview pane. The order in which the fields appear in this table is the order in which they appear on the report.


Display Tab


Note that the preview pane will reflect the settings as you configure them.

Container Title - Left-justified text displayed in the shaded area at the top of the report output (looks like a title bar). There are no additional options for Container Title placement, simply enter the text you want displayed, or leave blank. Note that List/Crosstab/Gantt reports offer a Container Title only - no other headings.

Heading - Text displayed directly above the chart. To suppress the subheading, delete the text.

Heading position - Where to display the heading text: Show at Left, Show at Right, Show at Center. x

Heading font - Choose Heading font type, Style, and Size.

Subheading - Text that is displayed directly above the chart and below the heading (if there is a heading). To suppress the subheading, delete the text.

Subheading position - Where to display the subheading text: Show at Left, Show at Right, Show at Center. 

Subheading font - Choose Subheading font type, Style, and Size.