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Working with Report Results (Beta)

The area in which report output is displayed is referred to as the "report container". Every report container has an actions menu that provides viewing, printing, and exporting options. Optionally, the container might display options for choosing different scopes, and/or filters for the report. The actions menu is shown in the screenshot below:


Saving Reports

You can save a report whenever you want to during report definition, and you are required to save prior to running the report (there is a Save and a Save & Run button). The report definition is always available on the reports list (we often refer to this as the "top level" report). In addition, the report definition is always saved at each scope you have defined for the report. The scope is any entity that includes the report topic and above. For example, if you are creating a task topic report and include the project and department scopes, the report will be available on the project Reports grid and the department Reports grid. See Scope & Filters Tab.

Printing Reports

After running the report, choose Print from the container menu. The browser print dialog appears and you can adjust the settings as necessary.

Downloading Reports

You can download a report to any of the following formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • SVG vector image
  • Excel xlxs (not supported yet)
  • CSV (not supported yet)
  • TSV (not supported yet)

Click the container menu down-arrow and select the download option. A download dialog appears; select a download location and click Save.

Viewing Reports in Full Screen Mode

You can expand a report to full screen by selecting View in Full Screen from the actions menu.

Changing Report Scope, Filters

There is an option when building report to show controls for changing the report scope and/or filters. The Scope determines the level of data you want to see across the organization. For example, you can report a single project (project scope) or report on many projects from the Department, Portfolio, or Organization scope.

context in which to run the report - do you want to look across one entity or multiple.

For example, if the scope is projects, then the report is available at all projects' Reports section, and the report 

If your report has been configured to support this, you will see two drop lists just above the report output.