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Known Issues - Reporting (Beta)

Legacy Reports vs New Reports (Beta) in the UI 

Currently, new reports are available in sandboxes only, where you can view the new report module AND leave the legacy reports active. Remember users must have permission to view at least one report in order to see the new Reports (Beta) in the navigation - easiest thing is to create a global permissions profile and grant at least Reports > View permission to the appropriate users/groups/units.

When both report "modules" are active in your environment, you will see two report navigation icons in the toolbar. Hover your cursor over each icon - you will see one labeled "Reports" (the legacy reports), and one labeled "Reports (Beta)" (the new reports). See the screenshot below:


The "reports" icon will take you to the legacy reports UI; the "Reports (Beta)" icon will take you to the new reports UI. 

When the new reports are available for use in production (while still Beta), we will leave the legacy reports active as well, unless you specifically ask us to disable them. If you have a sandbox, both the legacy and the new reports will be enabled by default. 

At some point in the future (with plenty of notice), the legacy reports will be deprecated.

Known Issues

October Release

  1. IE11 is not supported for Reports/Dashboards (Beta).
  2. Summary Tasks, which are currently represented as a special entity, are being removed (they were already removed from the Topic list, now they are removed from the field path). Instead, summary tasks will be implied/identified by the relationship "project > task" (a task whose parent is the project), or can be identified using a filter for  "Is Summary Task=is Yes".
  3. All Time Series reports will use Monthly as the default. Existing reports that use a time interval will be reset to Monthly - you'll have to edit your report and change the interval if you used something other than Monthy. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. The Team Member report topic is not working correctly - please ignore for now.

September Release

  1. (IE11 only) System dates, such as Create Date and Last Modified Date, are not returning values.
  2. The Team Member report topic is not working correctly - please ignore for now.

Key Capabilities Still to be Added

The following capabilities are still to be added. Note that at some point we will make new Reports Generally Available (GA) and not all of the capabilities below will be done. Any capabilities that have not been completed by GA will be converted to enhancements.

  • Report on portfolios and sub-portfolios (hierarchies)

  • Planning time series report topics (staffing/resource planning, financial planning/Fin Summary…should all make use of the Variable Properties “Time Series” control set)

  • Remaining Export to PowerPoint report Types (List, Gantt, Crosstab)

  • Request/project report capabilities/fields for Scoring Categories (e.g., Bubble of Risk vs. Reward)

  • Report topic for KPI 

  • Capacity and Demand Report (+ UI replacement, if that makes sense)

  • Remaining request report capabilities such as for gate approvers and Gate-specific data such as total time at gate

  • Org level defaults for fonts, color palette, etc. 

  • Calculated fields for secondary/lower class entities 

  • Report topics for Audit 

  • Report topic(s) for reporting on entity and resource permissions

  • Timesheet Summary reports 

  • Baseline reports (Legacy capabilities…ideally across org, not just project, if feasible)

  • Crosstab column dropdown design options, like sorting 

  • New Type: Line + Column 

  • New Type: Gauges 

  • New Type: Tiles (aka BANs) 

  • New Type: Hierarchy

  • New Type: Funnel  

  • New Type: Waterfall

  • New Type: 3D Scatter Chart 

  • x82 and other Standard reports

  • Multi-column format List report 

  • Option to open drilldown report below/in another tab

  • Merge columns  

  • Add % option to Pie and Donut

  • Export PDF for Gantt

  • Ability to configure/display as Currency

  • Ability to specify if multiple values are shown on separate rows (current default) or in a single row (listed within the same cell of a report)

  • Colors and Patterns display options on reports

  • Export with redundant data in all Excel Columns

  • History

  • Statistics 

  • Preview/sizing control

  • Ability to have folder structure/organization within report grids

  • View Details option on viewed report drop-down 

  • View references from reports grids (where used) 

  • New report topic: Resource Team Membership 

  • New report topic: Permission Profiles 

  • New report topic: Internal Rate Tables 

  • OOTB filters (Current known issue, +Open, +Closed, etc.)