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Known Issues - Reporting (Beta)

Legacy Reports vs New Reports (Beta) in the UI 

Currently, new reports are available in sandboxes only, where you can view the new report module AND leave the legacy reports active. When both report "modules" are active in your environment, you will see two report navigation icons in the toolbar. Hover your cursor over each icon - you will see one labeled "Reports" (the legacy reports), and one labeled "Reports (Beta)" (the new reports). See the screenshot below:


The "reports" icon will take you to the legacy reports UI; the "Reports (Beta)" icon will take you to the new reports UI. 

When the new reports are available for use in production (while still Beta), we will leave the legacy reports active as well, unless you specifically ask us to disable them. If you have a sandbox, both the legacy and the new reports will be enabled by default. 

At some point in the future (with plenty of notice), the legacy reports will be deprecated.

Known Issues

  1. Sort columns are not yet persisting for list and crosstab types.
  2. Portfolio is missing from Scope grid options for the Project report Topic.
  3. For reports with axes, current data values for X and Y axes do not appear to be in any logical order.

Key Capabilities Still to be Added

The following are capabilities still to be added to the new reports feature.

  • List grouping, aggregations.
  • Report types for/that show time series data, portfolio project relationships, historical data (Audit, KPI Trend), and staffing/resource planning.
  • Gantt report type.
  • Drill down to another report, dashboard, or entity.
  • Export PDF for charts and crosstab.
  • Multi-column sorting.
  • List hierarchical representation.
  • List merge columns.
  • Multi-column format List report option.
  • List removal of duplicate/redundant info.
  • Crosstab column dropdown design options.
  • Reports grid Settings: ability to select/change Reports grid columns.
  • View References from report grid and Self-Service Admin View References to show field usage in new reports.
  • Export to PowerPoint (simple report image export to a PowerPoint, not a PowerPoint object).
  • Dashboards - this will be the next phase of the feature revamp once we have completed the key capabilities of Reports.