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Overview - Managing Dashboards

Once you get your dashboard looking the way you want it to, you can publish it, which means making the dashboard available by way of a URL. Note that a dashboard cannot be deleted while it is published.

You can do the following with published dashboards:

Who Can Publish?

To publish a dashboard, you must be a user with administrative privileges or a member of the Publishing standard group. If you are in the Publishing group, you can publish a dashboard even if you are not the owner of the dashboard. Conversely, the dashboard owner cannot publish the dashboard unless a member of the Publishing group.

Full users who have administrative permissions can unpublish dashboards from the Publishing page or from the Dashboards list; Team users who have administrative permissions can unpublish dashboards from the Publishing page only.

To place a user on the Publishing standard group

  1. Navigate to Admin > Groups.
  2. Select the Publishing group and click Add and select the appropriate user(s).
  3. Save.

Dashboards and Indexing

Innotas does not submit customer dashboards for search engine indexing and does not put the dashboard link on any public web pages. If the published dashboard does not require a password, it is technically possible for a search engine to index it. However, it is not likely that a search engine will locate the page unless the dashboard URL has been placed on some other public web page that is being indexed. As an extra precaution, you can require authentication to view the dashboard (see Publishing dashboards for more information about setting up authentication).

Managing All Published Dashboards

Innotas Administrators and members of the Publishing standard group can view a list of all published dashboards under Admin/Publishing. Any dashboard can be unpublished from this screen. In addition, those users can also publish and unpublish dashboards from the Dashboards List screen.

You can add or change the access code, require a login to autheticate, or reset an expiration date by clicking the Published icon published_icon.png  for the dashboard in the Dashboard List page and modifying the settings in Publish Options dialog.