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Submitting Expenses

Note: This topic describes task-level expenses, which are being deprecated. Please see About Financial Entries for information about using project-level expenses.

You can submit expenses as often as you like. Your organization may have a policy on when expenses should be submitted.

After you have entered all the information for your expenses, select Submit.

You can submit all new expense entries at once, or select only certain expenses for submission. The system defaults the name of the expense batch for the date range of the Expenses. You have the opportunity to rename these submissions.

Once you have submitted your expenses, they are forwarded to the appropriate people:

  • Project expenses are first forwarded to the Project Owner for approval and then on to the Final Approver

  • Non-Billable expenses are forwarded directly to the Final Approver

When an expense is approved, you will be notified via an email and it will now show under Approved Expenses

If your expense is rejected, you will be notified automatically by email and the expense will return to your new expenses list.