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Entering Expenses

Note: This topic describes task-level expenses, which are being deprecated. Please see About Financial Entries for information about using project-level expenses.

The Home/Expenses view stores and tracks your most recent and any incomplete expense batches. You can enter expenses for Projects and Administrative (non-billable) items.

1.      Navigate to Home/Expenses. Make sure the View is set to New Expenses.

2.      In the New Expenses section, select the checkbox for the type of expense you are submitting (Project,  Administrative).

3.      Choose Menu > New for the type of expense.

4.      Fill in the appropriate fields (click the link for the type of expense you are entering:

a)      Project expenses

b)      Administrative expenses

5.      Review your Expense entry and click Save.

6.      If you are ready to submit one or more expense entries, click Submit.

See Submitting Expenses for more information.