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Request Status tab

The Status tab displays information about the request, as described in the table below. In addition, the Log section displays information about the actions performed on the request, such as what gate the request was submitted to, by whom, on what date, and so on.




Unique, generated by PPM Pro.


The title of the request.


The name of the person who initiated the request.


The status of the request: started, submitted, pending, approved, rejected.

Create Date

The date the request was created. Note that requests can be created and saved, and then submitted at a later date.


The type of request. Request types are created by a user with PPM Pro administrative privileges. See Creating Request Types.


If the request has been created and then saved (not submitted), then the owner is the requester.

Once a request is submitted:

  • if the request is submitted to a specific approver (specified by requester), then the approver is the owner
  • if there is only one approver on the approval team, then that approver is the owner
  • if there is more than one approver, then there is no owner (field is empty)

A request owner gets additional options, such as approving or rejecting a request, or creating an item.


The name of the gate the request is at, waiting for approval. Gates are created by user with PPM Pro administrative privileges.

If a request has been submitted, but not approved, gate will be Pending Final Approval. Note: While the field displays the text "Pending Final Approval," the actual field in PPM Pro will be NULL. If you want to create a filter for submitted, unapproved requests, you need to specify 'gate=null and status=submitted'.

Approved By

The user who approved the request. See Approving and Managing Requests.

Approval Date

The date the request was approved.

Complete Date

The date when the request is both approved and the item created.

Item Type

The type of item the request is for (project, issues, task, account).


The name of the actual entity that was created or modified.

Item Status

The status of the created item.

Item Create Date

The date the item was created.

Created By

The user who created the item.

Last Modified Date