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Request Basic Info tab

The Basic Info tab of a request is where you perform a variety of actions on a request; you access this tab by clicking on a request under Home/Requests/Manage Requests. Once a Request is submitted it is routed to its gates, if there are any, and then to final approval. The Basic Info tab will display buttons for actions appropriate to where the request is on its path to final approval. For more information, see Lifecycle of a Request.

Note: Only Full and Team users can approve requests.

Approving requests

When a request is waiting for approval, the approver(s) can perform the following actions (in addition to editing or deleting the request). Each action is represented by a button in the Basic Info tab. Only the appropriate button are available, depending on the status of the request and the rights of the user viewing the request.

  • Approve. An approved request is submitted to the next gate. If there are no more gates, the request will be submitted for final approval.

  • Reject. A rejected request is sent back to the previous gate. If there is no previous gate, the request will be sent back to the requester.

  • Assign Ownership. If you are the owner, you designate a new owner. The new owner will now be responsible for the approval of the request

  • Take Ownership: If the request does not have an owner, you can take ownership of the request. If the request gate Gate Approvals is Any Approver, you are now responsible for the approval of the request

Submitter options

The "submitter" is the user who advances the request to the next gate. Depending on how the request type is configured, submitters may have the option to select which approver they are submitting a request to.

  • If the submitter has the option to select the approver and selects a spe­cific approver, that approver will be alerted, the request will be present in the request approvals screen for that approver, and the approver will be able approve or reject the request.

  • If the submitter does not have the option to select the approver, or if the submitter does have the option and selects ”r;All”, all approvers (for the gate, or final approval) will be alerted, the request will be present in all approvers request approvals screens, and one of the approvers will have to take ownership of the request before it can be approved or rejected.

  • Once ownership is taken the request will no longer be present in the other potential approvers request approval screens

Managing Requests

You can edit, delete, submit, add notes and attachments, and view the status of your requests and the requested items created as a result of your request from the other tabs in this dialog.