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Creating Requested Items

Note: Request owners create requested items. The Final Approver at any gate is the request owner.

Once a request is approved at the final gate, you can create the requested item. The user that creates the item becomes the owner of the item. A request that is approved at the Final Approval gate will have a create item button in its Basic Info window:


The Final Approver is the current owner and can create the item. If the Final Approver does not want to create the item, a new owner can be assigned by clicking the Assign Owner button.

Otherwise, when a request is approved at the Final Approval Gate, the approver has the option to create the requested item (Account, Project, Task, or Issue) in the target destination. After approving a Project Initiation Request at the Final Approval Gate, for example, you see a dialog like the one below:


Depending on how the request type is configured, the target item will be specified by default, or there will be a drop list from which to choose the target. For project, there is the option to choose to populate the project from a template. Click next and the New Project dialog is displayed and the new project can be configured. Once the project is created, the status for the request is Item Created/Fulfilled. When an item is created from a request, there is a link established between the request and the requested item so that users with appropriate rights can easily navigate to the original request from the requested item if desired.

Note: Request types can be configured to allow the approver to choose an alternate target destination. See Creating and Deleting Requests - specifically the Target Queue and Final Approver Can Select Alternate Target settings.

You can see the status of your requests and the requested items in Home/Requests.

Creating an Item Before Final Approval

You can configure request types to allow item creation prior to request approval. If your request is configured this way, a request approver has the option to create the requested item (Account, Project, Task or Issue) at any point during the request life cycle. Contact your PPM Pro Administrator if you need a request type configured for this type of behavior.