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Request Attachments

You can attach documents and hyperlinks (URL) attachments to a request. You can also email attachments.

Attachments created by requester are visible to request owner, gate approvers (only see attachments on the gate they are approvers on), and final approvers. 

Organization standard group members can view all request attachments regardless of gate/final approval team membership.

Note: If the request type has been configured with the "Add Attachment to Item" property, then anything you attach to the request will also appear in the Attachments tab of the newly created item.

To attach a file or URL

  1. Open the request, then navigate to the Attachments tab and click New File or New Link.
  2. Enter the name of the attachment. This is just for reference.
  3. (Required) Click Browse to find the file If you do not know the entire file path and name. For a link, enter the entire URL in the format "http://file path" for example,
  4. (Required) Select the attachment Category.
  5. Enter an optional description of the attachment.
  6. Click Save.

To email an attachment

You can email any attachment by selecting the Email checkbox next to the attachment you wish to email and clicking the Email button.