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Creating Material Expense Estimates


Non-labor estimated expenses associated with a task include travel, entertainment, and so on. Estimated expenses are used to determine the Estimated Revenue generated from non-labor expenses.

Non-labor estimates are placeholders for users to log their expenses against. However, the expense estimate amounts can be zero if you only desire to create a place to log the expenses and do not wish to create an expense cost and/or revenue estimate.

When you enter expenses, each entry will appear with its estimate. Running totals for estimates and expenses are displayed at the bottom of the tab, as well as the variance. Negative variance is displayed in red. The status of the expense entry is displayed in the Status column: Started (expense submitted), Awaiting PM Approval (not yet submitted), and Approved.


Labor Estimates

You can also track labor expenses, by selecting the "Labor" checkbox when creating a new estimate. Estimates marked as labor roll up into both Labor Forecast and Actuals. The Labor flag is set at the parent level (estimate); all children (expenses) will also be marked as Labor.

To create a material expense estimate

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling view, select the task in the LHS and click the Expenses tab in the RHS.
  2. Click the New Estimate button.
  3. In the New Estimate dialog, enter the expense title, choose a status, and enter an amount.
  4.  (Optional) Enter dates as necessary, and descriptive information in the Comments.


  1. (Optional) Enable the Labor checkbox for a labor expense.
  2. Click Save.

Delete or edit an estimate

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling view, select the task in the LHS and click the Expenses tab in the RHS.
  2. Select Actions > Delete or Actions > Edit. You can also access the actions by right-clicking on the task.

View Expense Info

Users with the appropriate permissions can view expense details by selecting Actions > View Info (or right-clicking on the expense and choosing View Info from the context menu).


Defining estimates as a % billable to the client

When defining your estimates, you can also define the % billable to the client. The % billable will define the amount of Estimated Revenue for an expense. Note that to use this feature, the task must of Billing Type Time & Materials. You set the billing type on the task's Summary task in the Details tab. Then, when you create a new material expense as described above, the dialog will have additional fields for entering the percentage; PPM Pro calculates the Estimated Revenue.