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Task Details


Note: Many entities have Details tab/pages. This topic uses screenshots from the task entity as an example. Also note that for Projects, you won't see the tabs like the screenshot above, but rather will click the Details section link.

The Details tab lets you quickly edit information about the entity.  Editable fields are indicated by an outline so you can quickly scan the pane to determine which fields can be modified. You can make multiple edits and then click the Save button. To discard edits, click Cancel.


The Actions Menu

The Actions menu contains a list of operations for the entity's Details section. 


Menu Option


Log time

The Log Time option is visible if:

  • the task is current (end date is later than current date)

  • your organization's timesheet rules allow you to log time

If you do not satisfy the above, you will not see the Log Time menu item.

This is a quick link to the New Project Time window, populated with all required information, including project, task, Org role, current date, and HTC - simply enter your hours.


Displays the change History window for the current entity. This window shows a list of modifications made to the entity, including the modification date, who made the modification, the field that was modified, and the old and new values.

Note: If you are using the Additional Fields section, the fields on that section are included in the history for the Details section. Details History also includes changes on the Settings page.


Select 1, 2, or 3 column layout (options available depends on the width of your display). Choose Auto-Layout to have PPM Pro format automatically to fit the space. Note that any changes you make on an entity will affect all entity instances of the same category.


Uses the browser printing facility to print the information on the Details page.

Modifying Details Layout

As explained about, you can use the Action > Layout menu item to change the number of columns used on the page. You can also drag groups to reposition them. Note that if you modify the layout of a project Details page (say you change the layout or move a section), that modification will be reflected on all Details pages for projects using the same category. Note that changes propagate only to projects whose Details pages are EXACTLY the same. Consider this example:

  • Project A and Project B are both Category 1, but Project A has scoring turned on and Project B does not. The Details page for Project B will not include the Scoring group/fields, while Project A will include the Scoring group/fields.

  • This means that the Details sections for those projects are DIFFERENT, although they use the same category. Any change you make to the Details layout of Project A will NOT be reflected on the Details section of Project B; the reverse is also true.

Keep the above in mind if you make a layout change and are surprised if it is not propogated to all qualifyng (same category) projects. The content of the outlier project is probably slightly different.