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Pairing LeanKit with Your Agile ALM Tool

In many cases a SAFe implementation is started when there are already some agile teams in place. Frequently those teams already use some Agile tool. A few Agile ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools provide good support for the entire SAFe model but many others are mainly focused on the team level leading many organizations are struggling to figure out how to scale their team-level Agile ALM tool to support their SAFe implementation.

Two examples of such tools that are pretty popular at the team level are Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft Azure Dev Ops or TFS.

One option at this point is to move everybody to a tool such as LeanKit that has the flexibility and strength to support the entire SAFe model as described in this document.

Another option is to let teams continue to use the team-level tool they are used to and deeply invested in, but use LeanKit to provide the visualization of higher levels of the SAFe model. Planview can integrate with many existing ALM tools, giving teams the flexibility to continue to use the Agile execution tools they are familiar with, or that are already tailored to support their processes. Whether teams use Atlassian Jira, Rally Software by Broadcom, Microsoft Azure DevOps, CollabNet VersionOne, or Planview LeanKit™, we have an option that allows Agile teams tool choice and flexibility.

LeanKit boards would then be setup using the template for all the levels including the Team Kanban Board. At that point LeanKit can be integrated to keep the LeanKit Team Kanban Boards in sync with the team-level Agile ALM tool so that:

  • Team Kanban Boards and Backlogs are populated based on flow of Features into those teams at the Program level and all stories at the team level are properly connected to entities at the Program Kanban Board
  • Reporting/visibility up into the higher levels of the model is reflecting activity at the team level (through card connections)
  • Teams can use full featured and rich Kanban boards that allows pull, WIP limits spanning in progress/done lanes, customisable board structures, and more. (Most team-level Agile ALM tools will provide basic Kanban capabilities but not enough to really implement Kanban effectively.)