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Application API (v1): Update a Card (Only Specific Fields)

LeanKit's Application API v1 is deprecated. New integration projects should use our v2 API suite found here:

This method takes JSON data in the request body and updates a Card with the provided values. Unlike the standard Card Update API, this API only requires a Card identifier (CardId or both CardIdLookupExternal and BoardIdForExternalCardLookup) and the Card properties to change.

Request URL (POST)


Sample: Updating the title of a card

This sample request uses the CardId and updates only the Title of the Card.

Authorization: Basic Zzzzxxyyww
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

  "CardId": 123456,
  "Title": "Updated Card Title"

Accepted Card Properties

Property Name Type Notes
CardId number Id of Card to update. Either CardId or both CardIdLookupExternal and BoardIdForExternalCardLookup are required.
CardIdLookupExternal string External card identifier. If used, BoardIdForExternalCardLookup is also required.
BoardIdForExternalCardLookup number Id of Board. Required only if using CardIdLookupExternal
Title string  
Description string  
Size number  
Type string Card type
AssignedUsers string Comma-delimited list of email addresses
ClassOfService string Custom icon
StartDate string Should be in the date format of the User making the API request
DueDate string Should be in the date format of the User making the API request
IsBlocked boolean If value is true, BlockReason is also required.
BlockReason string  
Priority string "Low", "Normal", "High", or "Critical"
Tags string Comma-delimited list of tags
ExternalCardID string  
ExternalSystemName string  
ExternalSystemUrl string