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Application API (v1): Move Multiple Cards

LeanKit's Application API v1 is deprecated. New integration projects should use our v2 API suite found here:

This method takes a collection of Card IDs and moves the associated cards to another lane on the same board. The method returns the number of cards deleted. The number of Card IDs specified cannot exceed 100 for a given call.

In order to move multiple cards on a board using the LeanKit API, you need to provide the following:

  1. The Card IDs
  2. The Lane ID for the destination Lane
  3. The Board ID of where  in the lane where you want the card moved.

To get the available Lane Ids, use the Get Board Identifiers API call, or to get the entire board including the Lanes and Lane Ids and the cards in each lane, use the Get a Board API call.

Request URL (POST)



Example Request Body:


Example Response:

 "ReplyData": [
 "ReplyCode": 202,
 "ReplyText": "Cards were moved successfully."