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Application API (v1): Add a Task Card

LeanKit's Application API v1 is deprecated. New integration projects should use our v2 API suite found here:

This method takes JSON data in the request body and adds a new Task Card to a given Card's Task Board.

Request URL (POST):


The Card data to post is identical to the Add Card API. The cardId in the URL is the Card that owns the Task Board.

To add the Task Card to the default "To Do" lane, specify 0 for the {taskBoardLaneId}. To add the Task Card to the top of the lane, use 0 for the position {index}. To add the Task Card to the bottom of the lane, use a sufficiently large {index} value, such as 999.

Note: A valid Card Type ID is required. It is possible to have different/unique Card Types for Task Boards. Retrieve the current Board's information using Get Board Identifiers. Then, examine the CardTypes[] array where IsTaskType is true

Sample Request:

Authorization: Basic Zzzzxxyyww
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

  "Title": "New Task 1",
  "Description": "Description of task...",
  "TypeId": 123123123