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Application API (v1): Add a Card

LeanKit's Application API v1 is deprecated. New integration projects should use our v2 API suite found here:

This method has all the same parameters as MoveCard, specifying the board, lane and position where you want to add the new card. The request body contains the JSON for a new card. You must specify a valid TypeId that matches one of the Card Types for your board. See Get Board Identifiers for a listing of valid Card Type Ids and Class Of Service Ids for your board.

Request URL (POST):


Accepted card properties:

Property Name Type Notes
Title string Title of task card
Description string Description of task card
Size number  
TypeId string Card type (must be valid task board card type)
AssignedUserIds array Array of user Ids (numbers)
ClassOfServiceId number Id of custom icon
StartDate string Planned Start date. Should be in the date format of the User making the API request
DueDate string Planned Finished date. Should be in the date format of the User making the API request
IsBlocked boolean If value is true, BlockReason is also required.
BlockReason string  
Priority number 0: Low, 1: Normal, 2: High, or 3: Critical
Tags string Comma-delimited list of tags
ExternalCardID string  
ExternalSystemName string  
ExternalSystemUrl string  

Sample request:

  "Title": "My New Card",
  "Description": "New Description",
  "TypeId": 101304,
  "Priority": 0,
  "Size": 2,
  "IsBlocked": false,
  "BlockReason": "",
  "DueDate": "01/01/2020",
  "ExternalSystemName": "Tracking",
  "ExternalSystemUrl": "",
  "Tags": "small,UI",
  "ClassOfServiceId": 123222,
  "ExternalCardID": "DSA-111", 
  "AssignedUserIds": [111,1112,2211]

Sample Response:

ReplyData contains the new Board Version and the ID of the Card that was added.

  "ReplyCode": 201,
  "ReplyText": "The Card was successfully added.",
  "ReplyData": [
      "BoardVersion": 4,
      "Lane": null,
      "CardId": 101001 // The ID of the newly-added card